Hi, I’m Sarah Dorthea Møller, Geologist, Copenhagen

I’m an academic
graduate, seeking
a new job to fulfil.

Ever since I can remember, rocks and especially fossils have fascinated me, resulting in a massive collection from around the World.

My name is Sarah Dorthea Møller. I was born in Denmark in 1987 and is currently living in Copenhagen with my partner and former fellow student Morten Lunde.
I recently finished a master's degree in Geology-Geoscience at the University of Copenhagen with focus in palaeontology. During my studies I especially developed an affection for microorganisms resulting in a bachelor and master thesis concerning the nannofossils in the Cretaceous chalks of Denmark.
In my spare time I enjoy exploring the nature around me or to be creative working with different materials. A combination of the two is however always preferred in particular in collaboration with friends and family. I am not afraid of trying new things as I believe that is the fastest way to evolve and progress.

Volunteer Work

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Read my publication on ResearchGate

Calcareous nannofossil and foraminifer biostratigraphy of the Campanian-Maastrichtian chalk of the Femern Bælt (Denmark-Germany)

Curriculum Vitae

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Main Educations

  • Master's degree in Geology­-Geoscience,
    University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
    The title of master's thesis: Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Lower Cretaceous Munk Marl Bed, Danish North Sea
    (Acquired ECTS grade A).
  • Bachelor’s degree in Geology-­Geoscience,
    University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    The title of bachelor project: A study of the Cretaceous coccolith flora from borehole 09.A.007 (Femern Bælt) with particular focus on taxonomic identification and biostratigraphic zonation
    (acquired ECTS grade A).
  • Supplementing gymnasium course
    Gentofte HF, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Math A, Physics B and Chemistry B.
  • Language student (STX),
    Stenhus Gymnasium, Holbæk, Denmark,
    Main subjects: Spanish A, Biology A, English B

Work Experience

  • Student assistant Department of stratigraphy,
    Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).
  • Student assistant,
    Universitet of Copenhagen, Denmark.
    For Dr. Lars Stemmerik, Geology-Geoscience
  • Library assistant,
    Main library, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Mailman,
    Citymail, Holbæk, Denmark.
    Fulltime position
  • Customer service assistant,
    Megabowl, Holbæk.

Other Achievements

  • Active member of Steno,
    Student society of Geology, University of Copenhagen
  • Drivers license for category B vehicle,